Film academy

The Posterity Entertainment Film and Media Academy is a space for people interested or active in the film, entertainment, and media worlds.

We create products and experiences for film students looking for their big break, to opportunities for seasoned investors in media. This is a space for gaining an education in making films, a hub for filmic creativity, and a place to get projects financed.

If you are dedicated to making films or interested investing in the exciting and profitable worlds of film and media, this Academy is for you.

You can now sign up to our Posterity Entertainment Film and Media Academy for free.

The Academy specialises in the “how to” of making brilliant and profitable films on a budget, and in financing the best and most profitable in contemporary British and world film.

Your work needs to make money so that you can continue to create great and impactful art. Investors need to make money so as to invest in further films. This is what we are expert in: great art made for the future.

We have drawn on our experience, and privileged access to professionals and experts, to write an exclusive must-read book on how you can make a perfect film on a budget — covering all of the basics.

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When you are signed up to the Posterity Academy you will join an innovative community of film professionals, and be able to access our one-of-a-kind, tailor-made film courses and opportunities.

Our unique, impactful courses will be held both in-person and online, and will feature talks, demonstrations, and Q&As from our team, collaborators, and friends, who have created some of the best and most profitable media in Britain this century, as well as leading lights in modern film from the world over. Our sharp and informative courses will jumpstart your film ability and artistry.

The Academy is a space for all that is dynamic and exciting in British film today. Through joining, you will be kept abreast of some of the most exciting investment opportunities in film today — you might get to finance the next great British film, or have your own project financed.